Bottles app

Work in progress. 
An app for keeping track and organising your favorite bottles. In colab with developer Mattias Alm.

UX/UI design

Stena Metall

Sustainability Report
Designer at Stendahls

Art Direction
Oscar Plasidius
Henrik Gustafsson

Inobi Architects

Visual identity
Designer at Brand Club

¡Libros y Amigos!

Logotype for my book club ¡Libros y Amigos!


Volupe is a newly founded provider of engineering software in general and simulation software in particular. In a technology-based industry, Volupe makes a difference with its personal, committed support team. A support team that is just as easy to get in touch with as they are to work with. A modern customer experience that combines technical expertise and human understanding.

Visual identity
Designer at Brand Club